Brothers Jeroen and Stefan Bron (lovers of beer) have started their hobby with a starterskit.
This was a birthday present from their family.
Their interest for this hobby grew after the first successful batch from beer concentrate from a can.
After the second successful batch, they decided to learn more about brewing All-grain.
After investigating this process on the internet and reading books about brewing, they decided to build a fermentation refrigerator.
When the modified refrigerator was operational, the third batch from beer concentrate was placed in it and fermented successfully on a constant temperature.
The process went well, so more investments were done towards brewing All-grain.

After the first attempt at brewing All-grain they came to realize it was impossible to maintain a constant temperature during mashing.
The second attempt, this time with towels around the kettle, the result was better but still unsatisfactory.
To improve this, the kettle was converted to a RIMS system.
The third attempt was a huge success, partly because this time they used the BIAB method.

Their latest addition to the process is a conical fastfermenter, which makes it possible to complete the primary and secondary fermentation in one fermentation bin.

The story continues with the projects described on the projects page...

Experimentation and searching for delicious recipes has started #beerquest